Registration For NOSTE Conference 2020

Dear Ma’am/Sir, Thank you for your interest in NOSTE 2020 National Research Conference and Training Workshop to be held on November 7, 14, and 21. Please visit the following links to keep posted of the event.

1) Registration form:

2) Circular:

3) Accepted Paper: We look forward to meeting you virtually. Sincerely, The Scientific Committee

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  1. Merilyn Buyocan

    Good afternoon. This is Ms. Buyocan. One of the presenters. I gave my payment to Maam Lioda Mangangey amounting to Php2500. When I register, it is needed to “ädd file” proof of payment. Hence, I was not able to register. Is it ok if I will upload the picture of temporary receipt to be given by Maám Loida? Thanks. GOD bless po.

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