Sponsored Activities

Summary of the activities that were sponsored or co-sponsored by NOSTE:

Date and Venue

Title of Activity

Short Description

Year 2010


Organization of NOSTE

Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Potential founding members with common interest met to brainstorm on the creation of an organization of science teachers and teachers with national scope. NOSTE was born. The group drafted the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization and secured registration with SEC. Massive campaign for members was done.

August 11-12,2012


Inquiry-Based Science Education for K to 12 Curriculum

A seminar workshop which showered different science activities that supported the Inquiry-Based Science of the Department of Education. Plenary lectures from Science Education Faculty of the University of Georgia, NOSTE members from SEAMEO-RECSAM, and a returning member from France shared various hands on science activities. Participants were from Basic Education public and private schools.

Aug. 14-16, 2012

Sarabia Manor Hotel

International Research Conference for Globalization and Sustainability ( one of the Co-sponsors)

Dissemination, sharing and discussion of research findings that addresses globalization and sustainability. Strengthened partnership and linkages among researchers.

August-December 2012

Membership campaign

Advocated membership among science teachers in basic education as well as tertiary levels .


February 7-9

Multidisciplinary Research Conference sponsored by La Consolacion College and IAMURE

(co-sponsored the activity)

Encouraged members to attend the conference and expanded membership to science teachers.


Membership campaign

Advocated membership among science teachers in basic education as well as tertiary levels .

Sept. 20-22

Bacolod City

International Conference on Inquiry-Based Science and NOSTE Biennial Convention

An activity to highlight the celebration of Science and Month in September. Provided an avenue for sharing of best practice and research findings among peers, Updated information on Science-based inquiry from global perspectives.

Released the NOSTE newsletter.


September 26-28

Iloilo City

2014 NOSTE Seminar Workshop on Natural Disasters: Mitigation and Preparedness for Science Teachers and Educators

Provided an avenue for teachers to acquire substantial knowledge and understanding of how the K to 12 responds to DRRM as a part of the science curriculum. Offered examples and shared presentations on mitigation and preparedness measures that are necessary for teachers in the school and the community to meet natural disasters.

Forged MOA with Synergia and WVSU

Assisted teachers in Science Teacher Development Activities


Membership campaign

A year round activity to encourage science educators and teachers to join the organization


Culasi, Antique

District Inset in cooperation with NOSTE

NOSTE provided three resource persons to assist science teacher development activities

September 18-21

Iloilo City and Boracay Island

2015 International Research Conference –Workshop and Biennial Conference

Expanding Science Education Horizon through Research and Application as the conference theme, the activity provided an avenue to broaden the participants’ insights on their role in expanding science education horizon and to strengthen partnerships among practitioners and researchers for sustained sharing of knowledge, experiences, and best practices.

October 26

T. Fornier,Antique

District Inset 2015

(In cooperation with NOSTE)

Provided mentors/trainers in the district in-service training of elementary school teachers on Science Inquiry-Focus on SIP, Indigenous Knowledge System in Science and Environmental Education. This is a continuing project of NOSTE to support Science Teacher Development.

October 27

Hamtic, Antique

District Inset 2015

(In cooperation with NOSTE)

Provided mentor/trainer in the district in-service training of elementary school teachers on Science Inquiry-Focus on SIP and Environmental Education

  1. NOSTE Conference Day 1

    November 7 @ 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  2. NOSTE Conference Day 2

    November 14 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  3. NOSTE Conference Day 3

    November 21 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm